Anyone using obsidian for a visual diary?

Things I have tried

I’m using Obsidian primarily to cross reference research for my MFA, but am also trying to figure out a way to manage all the images I save across platforms as inspiration. Sort of like an old fashioned visual diary, but digital.

Wondering if any of you use Obsidian in this kind of way, and especially in terms of sending images from other apps to Obsidian, and how?

For example, I save a lot of Instagram images and Facebook posts in app, and then am sort of ?? About how to deal with them. Would love to be able to basically ‘share to obsidian’ either directly or indirectly through another app (specifically the images and text themselves, not just a link to the post).

And then just interested in how you work with the images inside Obsidian. Like do you have them in boards (like how this YouTuber made their image gallery or have them individually but linked within a specific workspace.

Just curious if/how others are working with images basically.


I’m not using Obsidian in this way, but I’m sure it’s possible.

Perhaps there is a role for a plugin to play here? The users identify a gallery folder, and all images in that folder get automatically embedded into a markdown file.

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