Anyone missing the possibility to insert a task into an object with properties?

Hello everyone,
I have been using obsidian passionately for some time now and one thing I miss is setting properties for defined tasks. For example If I could create an inline task, which could have the deadline property, assignee property etc. Do you you miss something similar? Or even figured out how to handle this? I know the task plugin might work, but I dont think you can customize properties there. Thanks.


Are you familiar with the Dataview plugin? You can add field-value pairs to specific tasks and then query them using Dataview.

You can read more about how this works here:

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Also look at the Tasks plugin.

Or Quick Add where you could build a form for your task, allowing input of deadlines, importance etc.

THis might be a good place to start… EASY Task Management in Obsidian - YouTube


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