Any way to show aliases in obsidian?

Hi What I am trying to do is to create a dataview where I can show

File name
  - a
  - b
  - c

as a table as follow

File | list of the aliases
File name | a, b, c

Ideally in property style so I can easily modify the content or remove one of the aliases.

not sure if it’s a new feature request or perhaps it’s already there.

What I have tried:

I’m building a language learning database, and I use “aliases” to track word variation. for example vocabulary in past tense… etc. thus, I want to create a dataview to help me review/memorie.

    meaning AS "meaning", 
    this.file.aliases AS "aliases"
FROM "01 Vocabulary" 
WHERE type = "v."

however, at the moment, once I assign aliases to a certain file, it’s gone from the dataview.

after trying, it works when I remove the WHERE line, still can’t figure out why

Just something like this?

TABLE meaning, aliases
FROM "01 Vocabulary"
WHERE aliases

It turns out that I need to flatten type first since it’a a “list” properties

    meaning AS "meaning", 
    file.aliases AS "variation"
FROM #Highlight 
WHERE type = "v."

:slight_smile: but thank you for your help

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