Any way to draw a vector on a catertisian plane inside of obsidian

What I’m trying to do

in my physics class we are using vectors and i don’t have a good way to do them, and i know that are ways of creating vector using geogebra but i find it a very poor way of doing it, and doesn’t integrate well on to obsidian

Things I have tried

i have tried using plugins for making functions and they don’t work for what i need also as i said early i don’t want to use external apps or online tools

any help or suggestions?

When it comes to community plugins and drawing, you are mostly left with Excalidraw. It tries to implement some essential Obsidian concepts such as markdown embeds, page preview, links in graph view and extensive list of hotkeys. Custom Frames community plugin can be used to integrate web tools into Obsidian—although you don’t get dynamic linking as in Excalidraw. If you have coding talents then Custom Frames migth be better option in the long run since you could support the integration of your specialised drawing tool (Geogebra etc).