Another WYSIWYG Open-Source Markdown Editor (An alternative to Typora)

+1 for distraction-free writing and alternative to Typora.


Compared to Typora, there’s quite a few important features it doesn’t have, and, while the pace of development isn’t exactly glacial, you can’t expect any particular absent feature to come along soon.

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(Oops, I merged this to the other WYIWYM thread, because when you said “+1” I thought you were adding a vote for the feature request. It wasn’t clear this was meant to be recommending this other app.)

Had the same reaction. The danger of skimming! I renamed the thread and put it in #share-showcase.

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You’ve left Klaas’ post in the other thread when it belongs to this one


Mark Text is way inferior to Obsidian, it’s inferior to Typora too.

+27 to that!

I have even tried the Pro version.
After one day I was soo frustrated I asked a refund.
What frustrated me most was that an invisible directory was created (with Chinese symbols)!
Not sure what the maker of the App wants to do with that.
Not mentioned in any doc or in the App store!
Good advice: Stay away from MarkDown Editor

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@RikD: yeah, I looked at it when I had just found Typora. I did not stay with it for long because of its low level of development - that was about 3 years ago.

BTW, you mention “Markdown Editor”, I assume you mean Mark Text?

The App I was referring to is called MarkDown (Pro) - written by [email protected].
MarkText has the same issues - Also written by Chinese developer (Liusheng Lin), last update more than a year ago :frowning:

P.S. This is strange - Typing :frowning: creates an icon in this editor. It doesn’t in the Obsidian Editor :question: - Why is that :grey_question:

  1. Ah, sorry, I don’t know Markdown. The fact that is written by a Chinese developer is not a non-quality label. Typora and VNote are both very good markdown editors written by Chinese devs.

As for:

P.S. This is strange - Typing :frowning: creates an icon in this editor. It doesn’t in the Obsidian Editor :question: - Why is that

Obs does not support emojis. This forum is independent from Obs.

(It is likely we’ll see text-emoji support in a plugin in the future, I imagine. :upside_down_face:)

Totally agree. Was certainly not meant that way.

As Obsidian follows Github Flavoured Markup this should be part of the Markup Parser. Apparently it isn’t…
Special reason for that?