Another newie question - last 7 days

Another newbie question! What am I missing to make this show results only from the past 7 days instead of everything, which is what it does now

  choice(IF_hrs > 18, "✅", "❌") as IF,
  choice(pushups > 1, "✅", "❌") as pushups,
  reading as Reading
FROM "Daily Notes"
WHERE > (date(now) - dur(7 days))

I can’t answer your question (sorry), but for next time I’d consider a more descriptive title. e.g. “Dataview - query last 7 days for X” (or similar).

More of a chance a Dataview wizard will click on the topic and have a look, imho. :slightly_smiling_face:

A link is not a date, but you can use the filename to generate a date in some cases. What kind of filenames are you using?

If you’re really lucky you might use date( > ...

If your file name contains a date, you can use to extract it. So you might try something like:

WHERE > (date(now) - dur(7 days)) 
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