Annotation Folders

Hello Folks,

New Obsidian user here. I am trying to prep myself for graduate school–going to be studying literature and my computer knowledge is somewhat basic–and I downloaded the annotation plug-in. It only works half of the time, and I figure it is because .pdfs put into folders aren’t able to be accessed by the new note even if it is in the same folder. I have to the .pdf and note outside of all folders to have it work. This is kind of troublesome because, well, I have a lot of different projects going on, and I don’t want to have massive lines of .pdf files with annotated x .pdf next to it. As you could imagine, this could be somewhat troublesome.

If y’all could tag the plugin creators, or if there could be a better annotation tool developed, that would be FREAKING awesome!


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In the plugin’s description page in Obsidian there’s a link to the plugin’s GitHub where you can click on the “Issues” link to tell the developer about this (after checking to see if anyone else has).

Better PDF handling, including PDF annotation, has been asked for for a while now by numerous users. Whether the Obsidian team will do anything about it, I’m not sure. At the moment, it’s not on their roadmap so my guess is they don’t plan on doing anything about this. I would suggest looking into Logseq which has a built-in PDF reader and annotation tool.

“Better PDF experience” is literally on the roadmap, in the “Working on” column.