Anki with the question in frontmatter (yaml) section

Hey, I’m a student studying computer science, and I’m currently trying to get a workflow with anki and obsidian going.

For this I would like to reuse the notes I write in obsidian, by adding a question to them and export them to anki.

I don’t want to clutter up my notes in obsidian though and would there for like to put Information for anki into the frontmatter section, but I can’t figure out if this is possible with any of the existing anki plugins. :confused:

So me question is if something like this (or similar) is possible:

ankiFront: "Wie ist ein Graph definiert?"
ankiDeck: "GKA::Grundlagen"

Ein Graph in der Graphentheorie ist eine vernetzte [[Mengenlehre|Menge]] an Objekten.
$G = (V, E)$
$V = Knoten$
$E = Kanten$

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