[Android] [v0.0.8] Renaming Vault Loses Config and File Data

Obsidian Android 0.0.8 Rename Vault Bug

See this video for a demonstration of the bug.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create vault named “Foo”
  2. Create a root level document “Test”
  3. Enable “Zettelkasten prefixer” core plugin
  4. Configure “Zettelkasten prefixer” to use “logs” directory
  5. Restart Obsidian application so the Zettelkasten button appears
  6. Create “logs” directory
  7. Create new Zettelkasten, add some content
  8. Switch to Files app
  9. Rename “Foo” vault directory to “Bar”
  10. Restart Obsidian so the “Bar” vault shows up
  11. Notice that the plugin configuration has been lost and the file content is now missing

Expected behavior: Vault configuration should be preserved and contents of files should not be lost.

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Fixed in 0.0.10.

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