Android Obsidian: [Bug] How do I tell Android that Obsidian can open .md files?


[ ] iOS
[X] Android

Obsidian Mobile version: v1.0.3 support release

I made this as an issue in the Github repo for the Boox Annotations Plugin:

hi, i have strong-armed my exported annotations for two books, and one worked great. the other failed but had some stray underscores and single or double quotes, i reckon. i’ll try again once i fix a somewhat embarrassing situation.

i cannot find where in the heck i can tell my boox (note air 2) that Obsidian can open an .md (or anything else either really) and the only other Android device i have is a remote control for one of my drones, so i couldn’t possibly be more confused this far from my usual flora and fauna.

i can press and hold and the open-in pops up? but then it says only my boox reader app cam open it regardless of .md or .txt extensions.

little help? :pray: never thought i would wish for something like defaults or SwiftDefaultApps system preferences pane on macOS!

url:: a really dumb problem that isn't your fault · Issue #5 · akosbalasko/Onyx-Boox-Annotation-Highlight-Extractor · GitHub

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Unfortunately the only ways to tell Obsidian to open a file are from inside Obsidian or with an Obsidian URL (obsidian://). This is true on Mac and iOS, too, so you’re not missing out in those case. Search the forum for further discussion about it.

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