Android Mobile Option until official mobile app released - Simple Markdown

I keep my vault in Dropbox and have tried several note apps on Android.

I found Simple Markdown which is free and has a Markdown and Preview panes and will open and save to Dropbox (assuming you have the Dropbox app previously installed on your Android phone)

I’ve used it for a few days now on my Samsung Note 4 running Marshmallow and it seems very reliable for basically pulling up a markdown file, editing/previewing the content and saving it back to the vault on Dropbox

Interestingly this app is open source so it could be forked and made more Obsidian markdown aware and have links open up new files by some enthusiastic developer :slight_smile: light_smile:

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I installed app, but how i can sync with dropbox. I don’t see any settings

Lets try!

Thanks for the recommendation. Had been looking for an Android MarkDown Editor that worked with DropBox. All the other ones I tried couldn’t access the right part of the file system. Was actually able to get it to work with BoxCryptor inside of Dropbox.