Android: Backspacing a linebreak, removes links in that line

I’d be really thankful if anyone has anything like a solution.

The bug is this. Given a note:

Hi [texttext](

If my text cursor is exactly before “Hi” then if I press backspace, thereby removing the linebreak, then the formatting of that line is lost. Getting:

HelloHi texttext

Where the obvious expected outcome would be for the string texttext to still carry the link.
The bug isn’t specific to this example, it happens no matter what in LivePreviewMode. Even for html formatting and so on. In SourceMode it doesn’t occur.

What I’m trying to do

To be able to backspace linebreaks without losing my formatting.

Things I have tried

I reproduced this bug with 0 core/community plugins on a clean slate test vault. Then I reported this bug with some more details on bug reporting, but I didn’t get any feedback. I looked for something like backspace removes formatting and others, and I found someone else with the same issue that I mentinoned. There’s other with [simlar issues](I reported this bug on bug reporting.)

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