Android app: store shared links including the title

Use case or problem

On an Android device when sharing links with Obsidian from various applications, Obsidian only stores the URL a not the title of the contents.

A fine example of how I would image a quality link sharing approach can be observed in an application named Markor.


When sharing a video, Obsidian stores this:
I would expect to have this instead: Hans Zimmer Performs the Dune Soundtrack LIVE

When sharing a link to a website, Obsidian stores this: Community - Obsidian
I would expect to have this instead: Community - Obsidian

Proposed solution

When URL is shared with Obsidian, store both the title and the URL in the target note.

Current workaround (optional)

My current workaround is as follows. I click “Share” in an application, choose Markor as the target application. This copies the title and the URL in a markdown format to a new note in Markor. Consequently, I choose “Share” in Markor and choose Obsidian as the target application.

Related feature requests (optional)