Anchoring Nodes in Graph View (Desktop)

What I’m trying to do

I am using (or trying to use…) Obsidian mainly for the graph view, so that I can mark and see connections between my notes. But I would like the nodes to stay where I put them… Every time I open the graph view, I drag apart the different nodes so that I can see what I named them. But when I close graph view/open something else and then come back to it, the nodes are all “huddled together” again and an overview is nearly impossible… How do I anchor the nodes so that they don’t move around unless I move them?

Things I have tried

I have tried to read FAQs, the support page and other discussions in this forum. But I couldn’t find anything on this particular problem. I also don’t know a whole lot about programming, which seems to be almost a requirement for using Obsidian, so maybe the answer is too obvious anyone else to need help with it…

The persistent graph plugin save the locations of nodes of the graph.

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