Analog to Drafts to Obsidian

Hello all,

As someone who has benefitted from this (and other forums), I thought I’d share a workflow. I’m increasingly trying to find ways to not be in front of my computer as I work (particularly in the zoom-ifcation of my life as a professor). I also sometimes enjoy handwriting notes. But the process has always seemed full of friction to get analog notes into digital systems. My current approach to this conundrum - thanks in great part to the folks over at the Drafts forum - uses a notebook, drafts, and Prizmo Go. It looks like this:

  1. Write a series of notes by hand a note, usually with a header that highlights the key points, along with some tags.

  2. Once finished, use the iPhone to capture the notes. Specifically, I use this cobbled together workflow (again, thanks to the drafts community), which a) creates a zettelkasten template and moves the cursor to the note section of my template then b) opens Prizmo Go where I can capture the text (using their great iCloud text recognition). Once satisfied that it is captured, I click on “finish”. c) Then it takes me back to Drafts where the text is placed. d) I then use a Drafts action to send it to the Dropbox folder where my vault is located.

  3. Once back at computer, I can clean up the notes and add links within Obsidian.

It may sound long, but with Prizmo to Go’s great OCR and Drafts’ ability to position your actions in easy to access places), this can be done quickly and accurately. Here is the Drafts action, in case anyone is interested.