An image transclusion is recognised as a both a backlink and in unlinked mentions

Steps to reproduce

  1. Add an image to a note with the embed syntax ![image]
  2. Open the image file in Obsidian and open its backlinks pane.

Expected result

Only the backlinks should mention the note name of the file where the image resides.

Actual result

The link to the image shows up both under backlinks and under unlinked mentions.

Additional information

Adding a screenshot to demonstrate. Also note that this happens only with images. If a note was transcluded, it only shows under backlinks as expected.


Was just about to report a similar issue.

This also happens with text transclusion, not just images. The unlinked mentions is searching within the preview html for transcluded notes.

let me know if you still have this with 0.8.4

Sorry I’m not on the insider channel. 0.8.2 does have it still. I’ll update again when 0.8.4 is released.

i think this will still be in 0.8.4. But we plan to do some batch work to cover the corner cases in backlinks in one of the future releases.

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I tried, we shoud be good.

Will take your word for it!

if it doesn’t work, write here. I’ll reopen the issue.

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