An image inside a collapsed callout does not render properly

Steps to reproduce

if I put an image inside a callout collapsed by default, it does not render properly
This happens only if the callout is collapsed by default (- after the ])

[!note]- Mappa dell’Arcadia
![[Arcadia (mappa).png|600]]

if the callout is open by default (+ after the ] or nothing) it works as expected
This happens also if the Admonition plugin is disabled.

Expected result

The image should be shown inside the callout when the callout is opened

Actual result

The image size is shown instead of the image itself (see attached picture)


  • Operating system: Windows 10
  • Debug info:

Additional information

will be fixed in 0.14.1.
It’s better to report insider build bugs on discord in the appropriate channel.

Sorry about this.
I’ve looked for such a channel, but I’ve not found it.
Surely my mistake.

No problem. I think you need to do this first

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