An error occured while loading obsidian. error: EACCES: permission denied

Please can someone help. I am devastated that I had thought I found the perfect PKM platform - Obsidian - and because of markdown files, I would be super safe in the future if Obisidian died or something else. Today, I was shocked - tried opening Obisidian - which failed to load and just kept saying “an error occured while loading obsidian. error: EACCES: permission denied” with the name of the offending file. Tried deleting offending file but coming up with error message - denied. An unexpected error is denying you access to the file. error code 0x80070780 The file cannot be accessed by the system.

I have no idea why this happened. I have opened that file loads. So cant see why it would become suddenly corrupt.

  1. Please can someone help me how to fix this
  2. Have I lost access to my whole database? Do I now have to recreate a new one?
  3. How do I prevent this happening in the future? Luckily I currently only have 25 notes, but what if it was 3000! I would be devastated.

Please can someone come to my rescue and answer the above three. Please, in a begging state here.

I am so grateful to anyone who helps xxx

Dr Ram

What I’m trying to do

Things I have tried