An embed that pulls blocks from any past and future notes and compiles them into one section of another note

What I’m trying to do

My hope is to have one note that could compile all blocks of future notes that I mark with some kind of tag. So if I have a note on “Marketing” with all my marketing notes, I would be able to designate a section. And then if I’m later taking notes on a book I’m reading in a note designated for that book, I could tag a block with ^marketingnotes or something, and then it would just automatically add that to the compilation of marketing notes in original “Marketing” notes.

What I’m trying to do is have a note with an embed function that will embed ANY blocks with a tag or ^ identifier or search query (I don’t care which feature it is) from any notes that I later tag. So for instance, imagine I imagine embedding something like this: ![[allnotes^somesubject]] and then anytime I take a bit of notes in another note, I just add ^somesubject to the end of it and it would just automatically add that to the list of blocks contained in that note.

Things I have tried

The closest I can get is with an embed, but I am only able to do it if I have the note’s name. So If I make a new, future note with the ^tag it, I have to go back to the original note to add it.

I’m new to Obsidian and I love it so far, but I’m desperately searching for this type of feature in a note taking app and I can’t find it…

I have searched quite a bit in the other help questions and can’t quite find someone asking the same question

Thanks in advance for the help

Am I oversimplifying this to think that it would be solved with Tagging?

Can you explain how? I haven’t figured out how to use tags in this way, there’s not a lot in the documentation…

Well, I am not at my Obsidian so this is speculation.

Basically, it seems to me that you’re asking for a collection of tagged items (“Marketing” in your example). To my mind, adding a tag of ‘Marketing’ and then displaying the tagged items seems the most direct approach…

Thanks, so I just don’t know how to display tagged items. First of all, what or how would I tag a block with? And then also, how would I trigger a listing all of those items or blocks of text?

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