An elegant "escape" to automation?

How to “escape” automation?

I’m a bit of a keyboard jockey but I believe EVERYONE would appreciate a simple solution like this…

When you type a quote, Obsidian gives you two and puts the cursor in the middle. This is great. Awesome, even. Same thing for brackets, parens, etc. BUT, how to you “key out” of them?

In Roam, you can TAB out of them but i can’t figure out how to quickly “get to the other side” with one stroke; other than typing the same sign again…which defeats the purpose of the automation if you ask me.

The TAB button doesn’t HAVE to indent a line if you are already in the middle of an automation like brackets, etc. Does it? You hit the TAB to get out of the brackets, quotes, etc. and then you hit the tab again to indent. This seems easy.

Can we take a vote??


+1 I am a former roam user and can say this flow is good, less friction.


You could check out the tabout plugin

Sorry but it doesn’t show up when i browse Community Plugins.

It hasn’t been merged yet but you could try it out with the BRAT plugin or manually install it

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If I turn on bracket pairing, and I type ", and I get “|”, with the cursor in the middle.

All I need to do is hit Backspace, and both quotes go away.

Isn’t that what you are trying to do?

I’m on a PC laptop.

It’s in there now…looking forward to testing it.

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I don’t know what has happened, sorry…

Either I installed a plugin or Obsidian has done an update; but
either way, i just TABBED out of an italics shortcut !

Do you know what that means?
Someone’s listening to our conversations!

Maybe that’s a good thing after all. :wink: