Am I the only one finding this cumbersome, new Sync to iPad


[ ] iOS

Obsidian Mobile version: v1.0.3

I thought I was stuck when I couldn’t drag and drop all the content from my Mac desktop folder to the newly created folder for my vault created from the iPad App. The folder Obsidian mobile creates in iCloud has that cute little icon on it signifying it’s created from a mobile device. It does not live on the Desktop of my Mac as noted in instructions, it lives directly in iCloud. Finally, I was able to copy and paste (can’t drag and drop, drag and drop is blocked) all the contents of my vault old folder to my vault new folder from iPad. My bad, the instructions do say “copy and paste”.

But then, opening the new version of my vault, as instructed on my Mac, Obsidian now has community plugins disabled- I turned off safe mode and the plugins are not there. I had a couple installed and they are now gone.

I’m looking for a little clarity if I’m over reacting or if I’m really someone who should wait til these kinks are ironed out. BTW, I am in the camp that has little faith in Apple and iCloud syncing properly-- the lacking a “force sync” button means we have to put a lot of trust into Apple.

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