Am I in a very small minority, not liking the new property editor?

I was excited and perfectly receptive to trying it. But something quickly became apparent. Just minutes into installing it two weeks ago, and all the way through now, when I finally gave up futzing with it and disabled it.

I like Obsidian, and markdown, due to the fluid plain text nature of it all. As opposed to, say, Notion or Craft, I prefer to spend more time brain dumping my thoughts than formatting them. Much the same, editing meta one cell and one context menu at a time turned out to just get in my way.

I hope by the time Obsidian 1.4 is public, the setting to disable this feature is more obvious. I had to search the forum for how to disable it. For another thing, in case this isn’t something already built-in that I’ve missed, I think an option in the middle might be nice, where the properties are rendered as a table while out of focus, but edited as plain text. Just like tables.


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