Always open new links to the immediate right

I was exploring sample Obsidian workflows. I noticed that links can open in new “tabs” if I use the Middle Mouse button,which is fantastic.
If new links would open to the right of the link that was recently opened, that would make the reading process Easier.

Right now If I were to open 4 links,the last opened link will be on the right of the page I am on, and the one before that on its right and so on…

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I would retitle this suggestion to be more descriptive. “Opening Links” is very vague—“always open new links to the immediate right” or similar will help the devs sort and search for it.

Thank you! I am new here. I will change that right away!


I’m wondering if authors would be interested in providing a toggle/setting such that new links are always opened in a new tab.

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This is no longer true in Obsidian v0.10.8 (and many previous versions).
The last action “Open in new pane” opens pane adjacent to current pane.
So IMHO this request can be archived, @moderators