'Always focus new tabs' feature not working with the 'Linked mentions' panel

Hey team!

Seen as the ‘Always focus new tabs’ feature has been given some love and attention recently—would it be possible to correct a small inconsistency with it’s behaviour, please? :pray:t3: :pray:t3: :pray:t3:
When ‘Always focus new tabs’ is disabled, opening new tabs from the main view and bookmarks panel works perfectly. The focus remains on the existing tab. However, when opening new tabs from the ‘linked mentions’ panel, the newly opened tab is focused despite the setting being disabled. Thanks! :sunglasses:

CleanShot 2023-05-12 at 15.17.19

Steps to reproduce

  • Disable the ‘Always focus new tabs’ option in preferences
  • Locate a link within the ‘Linked mentions’ panel
  • Open the link

Expected result

  • The existing tab remains in focus. The new link is opened in a new tab

Actual result

  • The new link is opened and focus on the existing tab is lost. The new link is now in focus


  • Latest version of macOS Obsidian app v1.3.0

will be fixed 1.3.1

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Would I be annoying to mention I’ve just noticed the inconsistency happening from the left-hand search results panel as well? Sorry :laughing:

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