Alternatives to CloudFare for custom domain Publish

I’m a student who would like to have a custom domain for his Obsidian Publish. CloudFare is suggested in the help doc, because of the SSL certificate. However, I saw that the cheapest plan offered by ClodFare - the Pro plan - has a price tag of 20$ per month, which is way beyond my student budget. Is this SSL certificate super important?
I already have a domain connected with Google Workspace. What should I do to move my publish to this domain, without SSL?

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I agree with CloudFare being too expensive for what it offers. I havn’t used CloudFare in the past.

I have experience with Bluehost, they are really affordable and great customer service that can help with the process.

Nowadays I use Netlify which at least in the way I use it, is free. (aside from buying the domain name, which is usually around $15 per year)

I definetly have to dig deeper into the process with Netlify, to see if it’s possible / easy to use with Obsidian Publish, if it’s easy and stable, I’ll make videos explaining the process.

Few notes

  1. Cloudflare has a free plan. You can set your current domain registration to use CF dns.

  2. You can use the url rewrite method if you want to forward a subdir instead of a subdomain

  3. we will add a more general option in the future.

TSL/SSL is not optional for the internet anymore.

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That’s interesting I couldn’t find Cloudfare’s free plan, do you know what are the limitations of free?

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Thanks for the link, it doesn’t look bad, I’ll have to look further into it!

I havn’t heard of that method, do you have more info or a link on that. I’m comfortable with setting up subdomains, but not sure how a subdir works, and what are the advantages over a subdomain.

Thanks for the info!

it;s in the docs. Proxy/redirect setup

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thanks I’ll check it out!

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Am I doing something wrong?? I’m with godaddy and it does not work.

are you usiing godaddy or godaddy with clouldflare?

Godaddy, I’m sorry I have a domain but no technical knowledge about that. With your answer I understand that I need an other service to make it work?

you need to open a free cloudflare account, tell godaddy to use cloudflare, and then configure cloudflare with obsidian.

As I mentioned, we will introduce a simpler method later on that does not rely on cloudflare.

is cloudfare just an example of a service that could be use, or is cloudfare the the only possible way to add a custom domain?

I’m trying it out with netlify, but not sure if it’s even possible.

Where you refering to the obsidian help vault, or cloudfare’s docs?

@WhiteNoise Do you know if there is more info about custom domain in Obsidian’s help vault? I couldn’t find any.

Thank you!

It would be much easier if you first read the docs.

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