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Just to be clear, this is NOT an Obsidian problem per se, but it is horribly affecting my Obsidian usage (and of who knows how many current/future users).

Apparently, somewhere between last 1-2 weeks, the biggest ISP in India (Jio) has blocked . It took me a while to figure out what was causing:

  • No plugins search in app
  • No plugins search on website
  • No plugin updates either via built-in or through BRAT

I can’t access in browser either but tells me it’s just me. Once I turn off my wifi, use my phone’s hotspot for internet on my desktop, things work like they should - but that’s not a viable long-term solution.

For people who don’t know India, I have zero hopes of getting them to listen and reconsider their blocking.

I know I can buy a VPN, but before doing that, just wanted to know here if there’s an alternative solution?

(On a related note, while VPN should be a good idea even outside of Obsidian, again for people who don’t know India, the govt here recently made it mandatory for VPNs to make their logs accessible to them as and when asked, or they can’t operate in this shithole)

Thank you!

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Changing to a different DNS server is enough.

But if anyone does know a good mirror, please reply, we used to have one built in as a fallback, but it came into questionable hands, so we removed it.

If you mean changing the DNS server in router’s settings to etc then no, that doesn’t help - tried it already.

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Interesting, that worked for everyone before.

Can you check if your computer is also using said DNS server?
Or switch it in your computer settings to?

Yes, I changed in my computer settings too. After your earlier post, I went to router settings and set those in both WAN/LAN DNS - still the same problem.
I think I read somewhere recently that it won’t work with the way India is blocking sites (I read it’s similar to how China does).

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