Alternative link when a page does not exist

Use case or problem

I have lots of “literature notes”, where I write about a certain published work. However, in lots of existing notes, I would mention these published works even though I haven’t written about them. I would use an internal link such as [[LiteratureA]] to mention them, hoping that at some point they become existing notes.

Now, in the viewing mode, or on the website where I use Obsidian Publish to publish the vault, when a page is not created yet, I hope that, instead of showing that the page does not exist, I could click on it and go to the URL that connects me to the literature.

Proposed solution

Something like this might work: [[LiteratureA]][someurl]. I.e. in the viewing mode, if the note [[LiteratureA]] exists, when I can click on it and go to the page, but if it does not exist, clicking on it takes me to the URL.

As a less smooth workaround you could just create the note and put the url in it.