Alternate Titles

Use case or problem

In analogy to an Amusewiki feature, it would be nice for the Outline, the Graph, and even heading-based linking to have the ability to specify an alternate heading.

Specific Example - Dictionaries

If I make a dictionary MOC which houses terms (or abbreviations) like:

### Term
*Example* term *in sentence*

(**p.o.s.**) Definition
- [External Definition]()
- [[Dedicated (Internal) Note]]

it would be awesome to make a link quickly via [[Dictionary MOC#Term]] that displays the term. Then, in combination with the Page preview plugin, I have a Wikipedia-like quick definition at my fingertips (well, mouse-tips).

Proposed solution

Given # Short Title | Long Title, have Obsidian show Short Title for the Outline, Graph, and any heading-based links (which currently prints Note > Heading without alternate display text given) and # Long Title for Preview mode.

Current workaround (optional)

None for the graph AFIK, give alternate text for my dictionary terms.

Related feature requests (optional)

Alternate Text for Graph - same implementation, different end-goal