Altering the copying & pasting of pdf annotations

Do you use the pdf++ plugin? If so, it’s often best to ask the question in the plugin’s our features request discussions.
If so, you’ll need to go to the plugin options to configure a copy-paste option:

In this part you can configure a format of pasting.
And after this, you can choose your format when you are reading a pdf, in the upper menu:

Never heard of it until you kindly shared it with me yesterday;
and egad, does it ever respond to most of my pdf related prayers.

The sheer number of customization options is mind-boggling.

Can’t believe this is not getting more love from the community,
this could and should be a core feature considering how many users handle pdfs for a living.

I am going to endorse this during my upcoming talk on Obsidian.
Thanks a million for the quick solution !

Have a nice weekend.

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