Alt Text Mermaid Links

I would like to have display text for internal links in mermaid diagrams. I looked at previous entries on the forum, but I didn’t see a request for this.


Do you mean aliases?

I meant display text, but I wonder if aliases would also work. Hadn’t thought of that.

Well, i think the point of aliases is to provide alternative display text of internal links. Do you mean to do something else?

To be honest, it doesn’t make a difference in function to me if linking to a whole note. At the back end it does, which is fine - either display text or aliases would work. I don’t think aliases would work if you’re linking to a particular heading within a note).

Regardless, it seems there are other feature requests for some form of this, but with limited traction.

Links to headings can also have aliases although you’d have to add them manually every time, compared to links to notes where there can be pre-assigned aliases in the frontmatter.

Links to headings will look like [[Page Name#Heading Name|Alias Here]] or [[#Heading Name|Alias]]

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Yes, this is how I currently use the feature. However, what I am requesting is that this also apply in mermaid diagrams. Unless I am missing something, which is entirely possible, using display text or aliases does not work in mermaid because notation of [[ ]] is not accepted. Currently, the class internal-link does not seem to allow display text or aliases either. This is the heart of the feature request. To be able to use either display text (name or heading|display text) or alias within a mermaid diagram.

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Here’s another request: