Allowing users to specify excluded file extensions for obsidian detection

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Use case or problem

In the file and links option, the obsidian allows users to turn on “detect all file extensions”. I like this feature, but sometimes some unwanted file types were detected. especially when I install zotero program inside a obsidian vault in order to link to zotero pdfs inside obsidian editor.

Proposed solution

give an option to add excluded file extensions for obsidian detection

Current workaround (optional)

I just go with many unwanted files appeared on search frame

Related feature requests (optional)


I second this feature request.

I have a slightly different use case.

I have turned off detect all file extensions, so I can exclude most of the file extensions which obsidian cannot run/preview.

However, file extensions like pdf, jpg, png, svg will still pop up in the internal links when taking notes. Presently, there is no way to turn off these file extensions.

If we can individually turn on and off the file extension detection, that will solve this problem.