Allowing notes with the same file name

I have been naming my files something like ‘’ or ‘’ to avoid note name conflicts.
Recently, however, I have been thinking of creating folders for projects and themes and then trying to allow duplicate file names, using simple file names such as or If I create a folder for projects, I end up with a lot of files named ‘project name/project’, which seems redundant.
Currently I use folders for some projects, but I find it redundant because I have so many files lined up with the path ‘ProjectName/’.

The pros and cons I can think of quickly are as follows

  • Pros
    • Keeps file names simple.
      • There is no clutter when listing links related to a project.
      • Saves me from having to type the project name every time I create a new file.
  • Cons
    • Need to be careful to distinguish files with the same name.
      • When creating a link, it is necessary to confirm that the link destination is correct.
    • Search results in File Explorer may become confusing.
    • Folder management is assumed.
      • Folder hierarchy may become deep and complex

Does anyone actually manage their notes by allowing duplicate file names? If so, I would like to know any pros, cons, or caveats. I would also like to know if there are any texts or topics that would be helpful.


I use the Folder Note plugin and create a note for that project with the things you listed as Headings like ## Todo and ## Overview. This is only for information that belong only to that project and does not benefit being an atomic separate note. This folder note also list all backlinks when mentioned by [[Project Name]] in my meeting notes