Allow users to freeze plugin versions and downgrade to previous plugin versions

Use case or problem

Users may want to keep the version of their plugins constant so that future updates don’t potentially break them and disrupt their workflows as result. Just yesterday, I had updated the FIle Explorer Note Count plugin and it stopped working, as reported by a bunch of users in this issue post. I had the and downgraded by replacing the files in the plugin folder by downloading them one by one in a previous release (before learning I could use BRAT looking at the issue post).

Proposed solution

In the plugins menu, Obsidian should provide two extra buttons for a plugin: one to go back to a previous version of a plugin. When a user wants to downgrade, Obsidian can look at all of the releases in the plugin GitHub repo and let the user choose from a dropdown in a model, for which one to downgrade to.

There should also be a toggle button for pinning versions, to disable updates on that plugin. Here is a quick mockup I made:

Current workaround (optional)

In the issue posts, I found that you can use the Obsidian BRAT plugin with the command BRAT: Add a beta plugin with frozen version based on a release tag, and provide it a repo URL and release version tag.