Allow to switch preview mode and edit mode when the doc on the pane

if the doc on the pane. can’t switch to preview mode. not sure it’s bug or not.

and if it’s the preview mode ,can’t switch edit mode.


It’s not a bug, having a document in the sidebar is a little convenience we added. However, you do understand that in the sides there is no room for the title bar and relative menu items.

I would also like this ability. I currently have my Todo, Scheduled and Someday and Grocery lists positioned in the side bar for quick access. Having the ability to add preview would allow me to use it using normal checkboxes, rather than the annoying ‘click space x’ you have to do in edit mode. I don’t think a lack of space for menu items should be a reason to not implement it as you could quite easily just use the keyboard shortcuts and it thus becomes a sort of hidden or implicit feature. I can see this kind of use of the sidebar for Todo lists being quite a common implementation so think it would be well worth implementing.

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