Allow the Tab key to insert tab characters in the new editor

Use case or problem

In the new editor (Version 0.13.14), it is not possible to insert tab characters with the Tabkey inside lists and LaTeX blocks.
Currently, the Tab key only modifies indentation.

This is also breaks functionality for some AutoHotkey scripts, which used to work fine before the update.

Proposed solution

Add a toggle switch in the settings, which allows to switch between two modes:

  1. Insert tab characters, when the Tab key is pressed in the editor (as before Version 0.13.14)
  2. Modify indentation, when the Tab key is pressed in the editor (as since Version 0.13.14)

Current workaround

One can use the old editor. However, then one then cannot make use of the real time preview, which is especially important for editing LaTeX equations.


Another related thread, although it was only flagged as a mobile problem in that thread:

There could also be a switch by modifier key, e.g. tab indents the line and ctrl-tab inserts the tab character.

While this would fix the impossibility of inserting tab characters, it would still break AHK scripts. One could of course switch the behaviour around, so that, e.g. Ctrl+Tab indents.
I assume there are two different groups of users, expecting two different behaviours for the tab key, which is why I proposed a switch in the settings.