Allow TAB and SHIFT-TAB to go through properties

Use case or problem

I was surprised to see in the new insider build that the Properties section (both sidebar and inside the note itself) don’t allow you to use TAB to go to the next property and SHIFT-TAB to go back.
It seems you can only use TAB to switch between the property and it’s value.
But I (and maybe others) expected it to work like most text box forms.

So in this example: if your cursor is positioned in the green field and you press TAB you should end up in the red area (which is what currently happens).
BUT if you then press TAB again, I would have expected it to switch to the blue box … and then the yellow box.

Similarly if you are in the blue box and you press SHIFT-TAB you should go back to the red box.

This would massively speed up property entry if you have a lot of properties on a note.


Rolling back and forth with these keys should be used system-wide, methinks.

I’ve been playing around with this and the behaviour differs depending on a couple of things:
First, whether or not the cursor is in a field or not. If it isn’t, you can tab (shift+tab) up and down through the properties. If you want to edit, you can use the right arrow to edit the value and left arrow to edit the key. If the cursor is in a field, however, the behaviour is different. Tabbing and (shift+tabbing) through seems to work except on “list-type” properties, such as aliases. So the problem you’re experiencing seems to be specific to “list” properties, as I described here.

Not home right now, but just saw the newest inside build changelog
Might have fixed it?

@Thibaultmol: It does seem to work from my side of screen on Obsidian 1.4.2 (+ MacOS) :blush:

hmmm… I just got home and updated to 1.4.2… seems to still be not what I originally mentioned.

If I am in the red box and then press tab, it just goes to the next line but doesn’t actually put my cursor in the blue box

To tab through properties, the entire property needs to be selected. So if a property key or value is currently being edited, press Escape to focus the whole property. Then you can navigate between properties with the arrow keys or tab.


hmmm. Still feels unintuitive to me.

Wouldn’t this be better:


That is navigation between similar fields. I’m not sure if key-value pairs can be easily understood as similar fields. I personally think it’s not obvious whether tab should navigate between keys, values, mixed or nothing. We have to also think about how people with accessibility issues expect tab to work.