Allow Obsidian Publish site window resizing by visitor

Use case or problem

I am trying to publish content that can get quite busy. E.g. I include images that may be quite wide, or tables with many columns.

The default window size on Obsidian Publish is quite small, so the content cannot always fit and look good in such a narrow window.

Proposed solution

Allow the user to resize the windows on Obsidian publish, by dragging and dropping on the borders between the 3 sections (or make it an option to configure such a resize option).

Current workaround (optional)

I am not familiar with CSS, so that may be a way to workaround by allowing it there, to at the very least to widen the window?

Related feature requests (optional)

This is not a feature request. It already exists. I achieved goal by removing the Readable Line Length from Publish Site Options.

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Do you have any documentation on this?

You will find it under the gear icon under publish changes icon

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