Allow links to use relative file paths for cross-platform compatibility

I’d love to have the ability to use relative file paths in my links. While Obsidian sort of supports [[foldername/filename]], it doesn’t support [[…/foldername/filename]] to indicate that you’ve gone up a directory and then down into a different subdirectory. Instead, Obsidian just intelligently realizes where “foldername” lives and goes there.

But other platforms aren’t smart enough to make that leap, and I think allowing relative file paths as an option could be really useful for portability and compatibility. I’m currently using vimwiki in markdown, and have ambitions of making my vimwiki files play nice with Obsidian; but vimwiki needs file paths to be laid out specifically. Similarly, my mobile markdown app, 1Writer, easily reads vimwiki links containing relative file paths, but if I’m in subfolder1 and want to point to something in subfolder2, it won’t understand [[subfolder2/file]] unless I add the relative path: [[…/subfolder2/file]].

I’d love to have this as an option I can enable in the settings, so that an Obsidian library can be more compatible with other platforms!

Obsidian should be able to handle relative links (assuming your three dots was a typo… going up one level uses two dots), but it’s in the [name](path) format. That’s the most portable format and will be understood by many editors.

Does that work for you?

Ah, okay, that’s good to know! Thank you!