Allow links in YAML front matter; Notion-like databases from metadata; links as first-class citizens

The main issue I have with this approach is that it only works for the most simplest use case. Outside of Frontmatter, Dataview doesn’t have inline object support. If you want to built a list of objects where each has a property that links to a page you have to use hacks and it gets messy.

For example, I have a People folder and each page represents a person. I also have a Teams folder. I intended the team pages to have a frontmatter list of “members”, where each member was an object that linked to a person and described their role. I wanted the links to join up in the graph, but that doesn’t happen.

I tried to then represent this through a markdown table, but don’t like the look of them in live preview (and can’t be styled as a table) and the data isn’t accessible through dataview.

I ended up using tasks, where each property of a member is a subtask, then have dataview roll up those properties via a map function.

I mean, it works, but none of this would be needed if I could use a frontmatter property to opt-in to frontmatter links displaying in the graph, or a second data block somewhere in the page to represent my data. Frontmatter is meant for plugins, but I don’t know if any plug-in that can import those links into the graph.

My understanding is that dataview will eventually have some kind of object support, and when that happens I’ll likely have to go back and redo my setup to support it. (None of this is a big deal, I just wish there were an easier way to do it)


Very well stated. Beautifully even. Thank you @dvd1, sincerely.

Tribalism–the selfsame fuel and flame of innovation and limitation–is a universal artifact of the survival instinct.

Dialogue (a la Bohm) with an eye towards optimization allows both the “us’s” and the “them’s” to benefit from the potential “better” way of the “ours.”

Debate = Stagnate

Tribalism is alive and well today: Mac v. Windows || folder v. tags || frontmatter v. inline || functional v. OOP || fuzzy v. standardized…

It’s all much ado, about some thing.

Unfortunately, it’s rarely about the important things, and usually about defending the tribesthings

To the OP’s point, and to what seems to be the important “feature” being requested:

At the risk of additional sanctimony (though truly none is intended, sincerest apologies for any offense), the thread has focused on this topic’s message and not its meaning.

That is, instead of “YAML ain’t markup…” or “RTFM” or the like, perhaps it would help to dialogue on the potential benefits and then means of implementing the feature of “[linking] anything to anything…”?

The desideratum yet missing from our beloved Obsidian is a simple, standard, universal, and realtime/in vivo means of data disambiguation. All of the dataz, regardless of its type: link, object, string, meta, frontmatter, et al.

It would seem that addressing the absence, potential merits, and means of attaining this capability is most productive?

Instead of “let me count the ways this can’t work” because, reasons: YAML, Dataview, or other meta-califragilisticexpialidocious-ness…

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Are there any updates on the status of this request? I’m relatively new to Obsidian and I’ve found that the metadata limitations, particularly the absence of link support, have been the main hindrance for me in the process of transitioning from other applications. I’d love to see this feature added.

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Why don’t using Dataview for links ?