Allow Graph Entrypoint Queries

Use case or problem

I have tags (EG, quantum-computing) that I use to group together a variety of content about a research area. I want to look at that content and it’s relationships from the graph view, but some of the pages that define relationships (EG, pages about people) don’t have the tag. When I filter the graph to the tag, I lose important relationships.

Proposed solution

Add a new graph filter “entrypoints” which would be a search, but would behave as a generalization of the local graph view where every document matching the query is treated as an entrypoint to the graph, and connected articles are added to the graph out to the depth limit.

In the case above, I would then use tag:quantum-computing as my entrypoint, and turn up the depth. This would include articles that were not tagged, but were connected to tagged articles.

Current workaround (optional)

The only workaround I have at the moment is to recognize that the tag should become a page and replace every occurrence of it. This is cumbersome and makes it harder to use the hierarchical structure that tags allow (EG #computer-languages/python).

Once that’s done I can use the local graph view from this page to generate something close to what I want.

Related feature requests (optional)

The local graph view at the moment does not seem to save the color groups or other settings of the global graph. This is really frustrating, and makes it harder to use the workaround described above.


I would love this feature as well!

I’m not sure if this would work in your instance because I don’t really use tags so much, but my way to generate a project view of a graph is to make a new index page with each of the entry points that I want on it. It’s a more manual approach.

Right, that’s more or less my current workaround. Once it’s done it definitely works, but I like the hierarchal structure of tags, and it’s not clear to me that it ever makes sense to use tags if you find yourself using that approach frequently. If I could search for reachable_from(query, depth) it seems like we could do even more flexible things, like having a template for index pages with reachable_from(this_page) as an embedded query.