Allow for linked mentions to be combined with linked and unlinked mentions in 1 listing

Use case or problem

Sometimes I want to see what linked and unlinked mentions I have about a certain subject. Currently you can go to backlinks on a page and look at linked or unlinked mentions with the sorting you want. But I would like to see both in 1 list sorted like I want.
I think with a small change in how you present the backlinks/mentions this can be facilitated without loosing any of current functionality.

Proposed solution

I propose to have only 1 list in the backlinks pane or in the page (with backlinks in page configured). At the top of this list you would have like 3 options to select what you want to have included in this list. The options are linked, unlinked, both.
Linked and unlinked could be enough but to have a button for each possibility you make it possible to always select you option with 1-click. All other options for sorting should stay the same as they are currently.

In the options a preferred default (linked, unlinked or both) could be made configurable, but you could also just remember it’s state and continue from there.

Current workaround (optional)

There is currently no alternative available accept for maybe a dataview query but I have not investigated that.

Related feature requests (optional)

Not that I know of.