Allow (external) links (URLs) to folders

Use case or problem

I refer to / link information across several apps, mainly Obsidian, DEVONthink and Omnifocus. I can already link to specific notes in Obsidian (with the help of the Advanced Url plugin I can even rename the note and keep the link), but I can not link to a folder (which might represent a project). I can link to folders / groups both in DEVONthink and Omnifocus and miss this feature in Obsidian.

Proposed solution

Allow for linking to a folder, ideally with some sort of uid so that it still works if the folder moves / is renamed. Upon activating that link the files pane should focus on this folder and show the folders content (1 level deep).

Current workaround (optional)

I add a “project note” in this folder and link to this note.

Related feature requests (optional)

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