Allow detaching embeds

Idea: allow detaching embeds from within notes. When you detach an embed it would duplicate its content into the current note.

My current use case would be templates.

  • At the moment we can only use 3rd party tools (eg. textpander) or set template in settings (for Daily Notes only), which is not scalable and transferable.
  • With the detaching method you could embed not only file-level templates (eg. Daily Note), but you could embed various templates in various places within your note as snippets – such as checklists. For example, you might have a “Post Production” checklist and “Publish” checklist for each piece of content you’re creating (like the Youtubers often have). These checklists might have - [ ] tasks in them that you want to tick off each time you create a new content file – but tick them off in the detached duplicate not in the original templated checklist file.

It wouldn’t be the neatest way to solve the templates (you’d have to type in the ![[template_x]] -> turn Preview -> click detach icon -> turn Editor back), but there might be other uses for detaching embeds that I haven’t thought of.