Allow custom vault in mobile app

Switched over to Obsidian from Notion for 2 months and haven’t looked back. What still boggles me a bit is the sync workflow. At first, I used NextCloud + Cryptomato, this works perfectly, but only until I wanted to add Git into the mix. Git doesn’t work very well with Cryptomator.

So I switched the workflow to NextCloud + Git only and this has been really smooth, although I sacrifices a the confidence of safe content.

I then downloaded the Obsidian mobile app for iOS only to realize that it supports only Obsidian Sync or iCloud sync. It doesn’t have the ability to select a custom folder. Even worst, I can only view a vault that created from the mobile app. I really don;t understand the decision.

Proposed solution

Add the ability to open custom a vault from any folder available in iOS Files. If you would like to monitize it, you can add a payment fee to get the feature enabled.

Current workaround (optional)

I am currently openning the md documents from Files viewer and it is miserable.

Duplicate of:

Please read our answers there why this is impossible for us to do.