Allow cross-references and markdown-formatted links to be clickable in exported PDFs

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When creating cross-references to other sections within the note in the following format, [[NoteName#cross-reference | cross-reference]] it works well in obsidian (I click it in Preview, and takes me to the section), but does not work in the exported PDF (the cross-reference is blue and underlined, but the cursor does not turn into a hand, and clicking on them does nothing). It would be great if it worked in PDFs too.

Moreover, hyperlinks in the following format [google]( also don’t work in the PDF.

Website links work well in both obsidian and the PDF (cursor turns into a hand, and clicking on them opens the link in my browser).

E.g. In the following note

# introduction
bla bla bla

# section
Check the [[Untitled#introduction | introduction]] section

visit [google](

All three links are clickable in Obsidian preview mode, but only is clickable in the PDF. Can we please have cross-references ([[NoteName#cross-reference | cross-reference]]) and markdown-formatted links ([google]( also work in the PDF?

EDIT: Turns out that the [google]( links were not working in the PDF because there must be a bug in the Flatpak version of Obsidian. I am running Obsidian 0.12.15 from AUR now, and [google]( links work. Cross-references are not working however


Oh, great call!

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Thanks @ryanjamurphy, would that take a long time to implement, or is it something we can expect in the next release?

Hard to say, sorry. Depends on many factors, such as the popularity of the request, the ease of development, whether the devs are fixing/improving related issues…

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