Allow Aliases to map to multiple notes

Not sure if this a feature request or a bug report, I’m opting towards feature request. One of the situations where Aliases are useful is for acronyms (AI, from docs). There are some acronyms which are highly “populated” for lack of a better term. An example would be MAC just in the topic of netsec, MAC could refer to:

  1. Media Access Control, the lowest part of the OSI Model where abstraction meets hardware
  2. Mandatory Access Control, a system meant to limit access based off context like sensitivity, privilege, etc. determined by some kind of policy.

Use case or problem

when both of these pages share the alias MAC, trying to link to MAC only displays one result. In this case, Mandatory Access control(which is first both alphabetically, and also the last page where the alias was added). The other aliased note isn’t listed at all.

Proposed solution

make it to where both pages are listed. It doesn’t matter how they are sorted, though the ideal would probably be last linked first: a constant amount of limited extra state and, so long as the user isn’t linking to them a perfect 50/50, linking notes will be just as fast and uninvolved as if there was only one note with that alias.

Hi there, fellow user here. I’m not seeing the same behavior you are. If I create two notes that have the same alias, then I see the following behavior:

  • Open Note (Ctrl-O) and then typing the alias shows both notes at the top.
  • Typing a double-bracket and then typing the alias causes both notes to show up as the first two suggestions.

Would you mind sharing how you’re setting aliases in your notes? Maybe you’re doing it differently than me. Or perhaps a plugin is interfering?

lol my bad, mistyped aliases in Medium Access Control. Closing

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