All titles of notes are unlinked files?

I am just starting with Obsidian. I am trying to follow Bryan Jenks who I uses Tags as links, he says. I don’t exactly know what he means except that the few tags that I have (#tag) show up on the left bar when I click on the hashtag icon and that is helpful because I am trying not to create too many.

Then, I installed the unlinked link finder plugin. If I press the hotkey to find those links, I have a long list because all the titles of my notes are unlinked. In the plug in, I see that I can disable some kinds of text. But, I know nothing about coding so I am not sure what I should be doing. This proliferation of titles seems fine for me. I am trying to make a clear statement concerning the content of the link. In the body of the text, I add other links that I am carefully curating and that appear in informative dropdown helping me to keep track of my developing system.

In addition, when I have what seems like an original idea, I make a zettlekasten with it’s unique YYYYMMDDhhmm title. That also turns up as an unlinked file.

Am I making some mistake. I look at different videos and it is becoming clear to me that different people are teaching their own systems. Although Nick Milo is the easiest for me to understand, I like what Bryan Jenks is doing. He goes very fast and is much harder to understand. Nevertheless, his totally flat system appeals to me.


did you happen to see my explanation video of my #tags v.s. [[tags]] system?

maybe this might clear it up a little bit :slight_smile:

Sorry if i go a little fast :sweat_smile: I’m a little excitable :upside_down_face:

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Thank you for your reply.

I watched the video on tags for the 4th time. IMO a worthwhile use of time. The video does not answer my question about all the unlinked links that I have. Maybe it does not matter in your system.

I think that I was expecting links to be somehow useful is developing ideas about how my vault is developing. Since tags only tell you status, how do you see a summary view of your links? That is where my content is indicated.

How are links useful?

BTW, your description of ADHD helped me to reflect on our shared issue. When I was your age, continental Indians said that I talked faster than they did. That is very fast. Getting lost, over-focusing, discouraged because people think you are stupid, and interest in zettlekasten are all related.

I am now a homeopath because the homeopathic methodology requires organizing information from the bottom up. Symptoms of disease lead to healing as opposed to identifying the name of the disease or the cause. Analysis based on “folders” of disease is ordinary medical thinking. Symptoms as individual notes that are later organized is homeopathy/ZettleKasten. Obviously, writing notes in ZettleKasten will help me with homeopathic analysis and my general thought process.

Now I am thinking of describing the system to my homeopathy students. The Obsidian part of it feels so technical that I am reluctant. I have been trying to understand Obsidian for a month now. I am still not comfortable. The basic idea from Sonke Ahrens seems self evident. Computerized implementation is the problem.

If you would go through steps that you make using the software in a little more detail, I think I could follow better. Now, I am listening, stopping the recording and trying to implement your moves. I get stuck and sometimes make no further progress.

Ellen Madono