Aligning Obsidian's Note Search with iOS and iPadOS Conventions for Intuitive Access

Use case or problem

I love Obsidian. But when I open Obsidian on my iPad or iPhone, my primary intent is to access a note.

Almost instinctively, I scroll down to search for a note because this is the behavior in all iOS/iPad first-party apps and many third-party ones, like the spotlight search on iPad or iPhone.

However, in Obsidian, scrolling down brings up the “select a command…” view.

This is confusing. To access notes, I have to cancel this operation and then tap on the icon (+) below.

This feels counter-intuitive as my intention isn’t to add content but to open an existing note. Upon clicking the (+), the “Find or create a note” view appears.

While the (+) icon is relevant for creating a new note, it doesn’t capture the “find” function well.

Considering the established iOS and iPadOS convention where “find/search” equates to “scroll down”, this behavior feels out of place.

Proposed solution

A more intuitive approach would be to align Obsidian’s behavior with the established iOS and iPadOS pattern. When a user scrolls down, it should bring up the “Find or create a note” view directly, rather than the “select a command…” option. The (+) icon can be kept exclusively for creating new notes. This would offer a more seamless and familiar user experience for iOS and iPad users.

Current workaround (optional)

Currently, to search or access a note, I cancel the “select a command…” operation and then tap on the (+) icon to get to the “Find or create a note” view.

Can’t argue with you that Obsidian mobile is un-iOS-like in many ways, but you can change the mobile Quick action (pull down) command to the Quick Switcher in Settings > Mobile.

Configure → choose “Quick switcher: Open quick switcher” → back out of the screen, and the Quick action should be set as the quick switcher.


Pretty sure this is already a completely supported feature : )

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