Aliases support in Quick switcher

Use case or problem

I have a note called “TraderWorkstation” with an alias “tws” defined in its frontmatter.

When I open “Quick switcher” and I type “tws” I expect to see this note as the top result because it’s an exact match on the alias. Instead what happens Quick switcher shows the note further down on the list of search results and only because of a fuzzy match on [T]rader[W]ork[s]tation.

Another reason to implement this feature would be for consistency with the rest of the app: when I enter a [[ link on a note and I get suggested link names, aliases behave the way I describe above.

Proposed solution

  • Index note aliases for Quick switcher results.
  • Show exact matches on aliases at the top of the results list.

Current workaround (optional)

Type the note’s actual filename.


It’s coming in the next version.


Fantastic, thanks @koala!

Implemented in 0.9.20