Aliases for Unlinked References

The ability to customize terms that should match in the Unlinked References of a note, to help with discovering backlinks for content that doesn’t exactly match the title. As a bonus, linking these unlinked references should create an alias page link.

To illustrate:

  • Have note “AI”
  • Specify “Artificial Intelligence” as an alias in the Unlinked References
  • Find all matches to artificial intelligence and link the unlinked reference
  • Obsidian creates an alias page link [[AI|Artificial Intelligence]]

This is crucial for me in lieu of a note merging feature, which enables a hack in Roam for achieving the same end result (minus aliasing), described here Merge two documents and update backlinks


@jacklaing would you agree that we merge this into Aliases for note names ? Although here you’re speaking about the unlinked references specifically, it seems to me that this would just be something to consider when implementing the aliases for the notes themselves.

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I’m okay with that as long as the unlinked references aspect doesn’t get forgotten

@WhiteNoise why was this archived rather than merging with a similar feature request?

A post was merged into an existing topic: Aliases for note names